Ingredients Fresh From Florida

Terra Dolce is certified Fresh “from Florida” by the Florida department of Agriculture, featuring authentic Florida-grown sugar, distilled oils & fruit extracts. Nurtured by nature; cultivated by artisanal methods. We take pride in supporting our agricultural farm lands, coasts, and preserving our natural habitat.

Authentic Florida citrus oils are cultivated and distilled from local citrus groves and orchards by fruit pressing to extract the juice from the fruit,  and the oil from the rind. This oil is called cold pressed orange oil. The cold pressed orange oil is vacuum distilled to recover folded oils and citrus fractions. The terpene stream generated from this process is food grade d-limonene. The collected peel undergoes a second pressing and steam distillation to recover more essential oil. Terra Dolce utilizes the freshest Florida citrus throughout its lines, specifically concentrated in the Floridian collection.