Terra Dolce Spa’s Floridian Bath & Body Wash

There’s a lot to be said about soap these days…especially during a pandemic! Not only is soap or any type of wash important and ideal to cleansing the skin appropriately, it is a means of maintaining healthy skin!

Our Floridian Bath & Body Wash is next to amazing and up there with luxury all the way! Made with simple, natural ingredients, you’re sure to find your new favorite wash and feel good about it too! Whether at your sink or in your tub, our Floridian wash is so versatile–no more running to the store for hand soap and body wash!

This 8oz gem comes in softly at $27 and is easy on the eyes 😉 Gentle enough to use on the body or hands! The fusion of fresh botanical extracts creates the most FRESH and CLEAN scent that we all seek after when it comes to bath and body products. Making it the ideal bath product for every single shower session to come!

Blended with pro-vitamin B5 and silk amino acids, you’ll find that not only is this wash amazing for hydrating and purifying, but also helps promote healthy skin!

The essence of Florida is brought to life with this combination of orange, coconut, lime, and mango for a tropical sensation that is clean, crisp and soothing!

You’ll discover luxurious suds that lather without the sulfates! We’re all about the feel of a good lather, rinse, repeat vibe but not when it comes to potentially harmful ingredients! We’re happy to report that this bath & body wash lathers and bubbles-up for that oh-so-magical-feel without any bad feelings 😉 Ideal for showers and baths, as well as suitable for shaving! Say hello to your new favorite bath product 😉

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